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Fleur de Lea Photography is an award winning luxury portrait studio in Tucson, Arizona.

 Celebrating our clients with images that are dynamic, emboldening and meaningful;

but most importantly, images that authentically encompass who you are, right now.


Most of our key sessions take you on an empowering and transformational process,

these are not just portraits.

Often an emotional journey, this experience will help reconnect you with your own inner power

AND reignite your connections with your loved ones. 


We believe in more than just portraits. 

We believe in confidence, experience, connections and legacy.


This is You. Celebrated, Empowered & Authentically Captured. 


And I am absolutely ecstatic to build these things with you. 

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 Your headshots are often the first impression your potential contact is ever seeing of you.

Are your headshots speaking to your client they way you want them to?

We believe in self love, confidence and empowerment.


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 Customized sessions that encourages

you to let your true self shine.


smiling newborn baby with mom and dad family photo

We believe in looking back to  not only remember age, but also to remember exactly how that goofy middle child used to act.


couple looking at each other lovingly at sunset

Re-connection and rekindling.

We believe in finding each other again.


tween 10-12 girl empowering quotes

Empowering tweens with love and building a strong foundation of self confidence.


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Celebrate you.


Whether it is with the Empowerment Project for girls 9-12 year old,

or a fashion inspired session for seniors in high school,

maybe it's strengthening her relationship with her spouse

or empowering her with self love and self re-discovery after the kids have moved out, after divorce,

or simply to celebrate herself, her strength and her beauty in her 40's, 50's and beyond.


I invite you to a session with me.


Guess what!? We were interviewed in Phoenix Voyage Magazine! and we are so excited about it!! Check out our Interview HERE>>

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