The "Who I Am" Project.

Happy New Year! I would love for one of the first people for you to meet in 2017 to be  Caidance. 


Some of you have already met Caidance, she loves to help with lighting and learning the ins and out of photography. While often on the other side of photography with me, I had realized one day, that outside of the cell phone and the occasional group photos that I had never dedicated an entire session to her! Tween years seem like such forgotten years. I look back at my own photos and it seems like the only ones that existed as a preteen is a traditional school photo. You know the one, that head and shoulders pose with the cheesy grin. My ears and nose are slightly too big for my face and my hair isn't combed. Ah, sweet innocence


Babies are so cute, new and chubby. Toddlers have those big, bright eyes and lets face it, they just do the darnedest things. But those tween ages are often forgotten. At ages 10-­12, kids aren't children anymore but aren't quite teens.


At the beginning of Caidance's session, she felt awkward, voicing that she wasn't used to being center stage. A little coaxing, and some games and it didn't take her long to start enjoying it. The results on her self image, after the session and as we went through her photos together, was so evident in her eyes and on her face. How had I almost missed making an impact on such an important stage in her life? Showing her all of her beauty.  I knew then that this was something I wanted to do. Enter in, the "Who I am" project.  


I'm making it my personal mission to capture those lost preteen years. The goal is to help tweens look and feel beautiful and have unshakable confidence in themselves when they hit junior high.


In comes the "Who I am." project We are starting the "Who I am" photography project to fill in the forgotten photo years while enriching the lives of pre­teens. The main goal is to make pre­teens look and feel beautiful and be confident in who they are.


Who we're looking for We are looking for female models for our photography project, ages 10-­12. We will ask the model and their parents a few questions, then combine the text and photographs to create one impactful piece of art.


Why "Who I am"? We want to capture the the personality of these tweens and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young ladies. We want them to realize their true beauty so that they are confident in themselves before they hit Junior High. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tween's self ­image.


How to participate or nominate a friend: Please e­-mail us by Friday, January 20th (or fill out the form below)  if you are interested in having your child participate in this project, or if you would like to nominate a friend or family member of yours that you think would be perfect for this. Please nominate people you think would enjoy the boutique experience we provide.


The session itself is complimentary and includes $50 in product credit (a total $200 value). But you must contact us by January 20th to get in on this special promotion. Our goal is to create a gorgeous group of photos you’ll love and that truly show your daughter’s spirit and soul! Many people like to use these photos as birthday, Mothers Day, and “just because” gifts for their daughter. Most clients choose to spend between $800 and $1200 on additional product, although there is no minimum purchase. 


After you submit the form or email us, we will send you specific details and you can decide if this project is perfect for your daughter.



Jessica Lea Korff

owner, Fleur de Lea Photography


Contact us here to find out more about the "Who I Am" project!

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  • #1

    Christina Horton (Sunday, 01 January 2017 17:53)

    I would love to have my Emily considered for this project. She will be 11 this Feb. she has a very funky unquie style. She is so clear on what she wants and it is often mistaken as confidence. She is amazing and inspiring and I would love to see that celebrated.

  • #2

    Jessica (Sunday, 01 January 2017 18:12)

    Hi Christina! I would love to include her! If you would please send me your email address either through the link above or at I would love to send you more information!