About Your Portrait Artist and Your Experience


My name is Jessica Lea Korff

Your Luxury Senior, Family and Soul Mate

Portrait Artist

I offer a custom boutique-style photography

experience, and I can't wait to share it with you!

About Your Custom Experience

You may be wondering what a "custom boutique photography experience" even means.


-It means that your session is designed and customized to your needs and wants,

your family is special and unique, and your portraits should reflect that.


-It means your entire experience is built around you. 


-It means I will spend time with you designing your session


-It means I will spend time with you to expertly guide you through beautiful wall art,

albums and other handcrafted heirloom quality product that will last you a life time!


-And then, it means I will hand deliver your custom portrait art to your door and even help you with hanging it where and how we designed it.


-It means that from start to finish, your session is customized for you. 

My Why

 Hmmm... Why this? Why now?... As your photographer, my work is about you, I like to ask these questions to you and find out more about who you are. I spend roughly 25-30 hours with each client to create the best client experience I can... but. If you really want to know my story, then here it is... 


I can't tell you that I have one of those "my dad gave me my first camera at 10 years old" stories... I wish I did, those are such awesome foundation-al stories. I can tell you that my kids will be able to have that story, if they want it. But mine is different. 


I attended art school for Graphic Design, that is where my art education began. That is where I learned the technical stuff like light, balance, and color association.


I decided during that time to take some photo classes on the side so I could do my own stock photos... and it was in this decision that I discovered something amazing. 


The human connection. 


I discovered an amazing connection with a family who just received their images that was just not there when a business received their logo. 


After I discovered that, I discovered the amazing connection people could have IN their images... and then the amazing connections they could CONTINUE to FEEL after their session when they see those images. 


I discovered the amazing power of connection. 


I worked tirelessly to come up with new ways, the learn, to create and to incorporate everything into sessions that CREATE and ENHANCE connections that are already there, but sometimes surface less than we would like. 


Love. Gratitude. Appreciation. Happiness. Laughter. Connection. 


These are what I strive to show in my sessions. These are what I hope you remember when you look at your images. 


In the Beloved sessions, we create an opportunity for connection that is there... but sometimes long forgotten. And it helps a couple remember what brought them together and find each other again. 


In the Empowerment Project, we create an opportunity for a tween to feel the connection from her family that she maybe doesn't even know is there. And it helps to increase her self confidence.


In Family Sessions, we help create fun and memorable experiences, that show personality and connections with in the family. Memories, true to who your family is. 


In Senior Sessions, we dig down to find out how to best represent a high school senior, to showcase WHO THEY ARE right now. we help them connect with themselves and be proud of who they are. 


Human connections. That is my why. That is why I love what I do. And that is why you will too. 




Fleur de Lea Photography

Real Connections. Captured in Art. 



About Your Portrait Artist

 I am happily married to my wonderfully supportive and

oh so patient husband


I have 4 girls. They range from middle school to toddler. 


I need coffee in my life. Always. 


If there was a zombie apocalypse, the first thing I would need to learn would be how to make campfire coffee. 


My favorite flower is the Lotus


I Love plants, but I kill them.


I love Twizzler pull-n-peels! But the packaging is loud,

this makes it hard to hide from my kids! 


I love the color eggplant purple


I love art... in all of its forms. I love viewing it and I love creating it


except painting... Painting and I do not get along


but sometimes I paint anyway. 


Professional Football is where it is at. Especially Aaron Rodgers and

Jordy Nelson and the Green Bay Packers!


I still love Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas and could listen to them

all day every day. 


I also love Blake Shelton and Louis Armstrong.


My "honey-do" list for my husband on our future home is already so big he should probably just build me one from scratch.



 I have an associate of Arts, and attended

Southwest University of Arts,

equally, I have spent many years being self taught.

I believe I will always be learning, and therefore,


I will always be on a continuous self-improving journey! 



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