Best Photographer winner of the tucson reader's choice awards 2018

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On the day of your session, my team and I will help you look and feel absolutely gorgeous; however, confidence, self-love and self empowerment truly is the name of the game, and I fully recognize that your confidence is carried with you every day, in everything you do.


It is because I understand this that I have hired on specialists to support you throughout your portrait experience.  These are local women-owned businesses, specializing in building your self-love and confidence, each in their own incredibly important way. Not only they will help you prepare to look your best on the day of your session, but it is their ultimate goal that you will be able to confidently apply the principals given, to feel your best everyday. 


When your time in our care is done, it is my goal that we have re-introduced you to the self you are meant to love


Jessica Korff | Fleur de Lea Photography won 2018 Best Photographer in the Tucson Reader's Choice Awards. She has been published and featured in both print and online magazines
Jessica Korff | Fleur de Lea Photography won 2018 Best Photographer in the Tucson Reader's Choice Awards. She has been published and featured in both print and online magazines

Jessica Lea Korff

Your Photographer.


"I am" are the two most powerful words in the English language, because what you put after them changes everything"


Hi, I'm Jessica, and I am your portrait photographer. I specialize in meaningful experiences, building confidence,  strengthening relationships and leaving a legacy in art. 


I create an environment where even the most complacent of marriages can become an emotionally charged photography session, I  build empowerment in your tween with an incredible love filled experience and I love to challenge the social norms by celebrating the Wise Women in our lives. I believe in sessions that are emboldening to girls and women.


I photograph a lot of women who usually hate having photos taken of themselves. I make it really fun and easy, because I believe its not your job to be photogenic or good in front of the camera; It's my job to pose you and direct you throughout your entire photo shoot to make you look and feel incredible; so that you can finally have photos that you feel beautiful in and are proud of.  Photos that encourage all the positive self talk you deserve, and create a portal back to the time when you felt all the wonderful emotions that come with it. 


I invite you to do your own personalized photo shoot with me. There are very few certainties in life, but I know that if I get you in front of my camera for one of these sessions, that I will take the most meaningful and emotional fulfilling photos of you, your relationship, your tween, your senior or your family, that you have ever seen yourselves in, and that is my absolutely greatest joy.


 So let's do this, let's make something positive in your life today. Call me at 520.975.9051 or drop me an email at to schedule your complimentary styling and design session.



tucson photography makeup artist
Photo by Fleur de Lea Photography

Kathy Voncannon

Our Makeup and Skin Care Specialist.


Kathy has been in the Skin Care and Makeup industry for 12 years. She is a skin care expert specializing in making your skin look and feel great, and she is also color certified.  


What's in her arsenal of tricks and tools? She raves about Mary Kay and uses them for every application. When asked why she loves them, she says she just loves everything about their culture, sisterhood and what they can bring to other women. She loves what they stand for, but she especially loves that she gets to see the confidence in a woman change right before her eyes, and that is huge thing to be a part of. 


Approximately 2-3 weeks before your scheduled session, Kathy will come to your home to run your makeup test. This is important because Kathy knows how to apply makeup that is appropriate for how a camera photographs but  we also want your look to reflect your style. 


She will spend time educating you on how to best prepare your skin for your session and then apply your test run, in which you will work together to achieve a look that you are both pleased with.


Her guidance and services are included in your session, our gift to you, because we believe in more than just having an incredible makeover! We believe in giving you the confidence to recreate that look over and over again. 




Photo by Fleur de Lea Photography
Photo by Fleur de Lea Photography

Gayle Petrillo

Our Clothing Stylist.


We have taken all the stress out of planning your wardrobe for your session and brought Gayle on board!


Gayle has the incredible talent of pulling things from your closet that you would have never paired together and make you love them, or turn things you thought you hated but for some reason never got rid of, and show you how to love it. Her clients love it so much that she has built her entire business off of giving you back your confidence, within your very own closet!


During our design and styling appointment, Gayle will join us for a closet raid to help you find something in your own closet that you may love for your session, and who knows a few other things you didn't know you'd end up loving too! 


We are covering her first hour of working in your closet to prep for your session, as our gift to you, because getting ready for your session should never be stressful, and instead should be about fun and rediscovering what you love on your body.


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