The Empowerment Project

Building self-esteem and love when it is needed most.

The Empowerment Project 

This in-depth, self-image building session is approximately a 40-60 minute session, in studio or on-location. A session that is all about your daughter, and WHO she is, right now. But there is a surprise twist! What she doesn't know is that behind the scenes, we are collecting incredible words of love, support and affirmation from her family, her best friends, even her teachers... and we are planning to surprise her with all the amazing things that everyone has to say about her! An unforgettable session that builds her self esteem, self image and self confidence all while strengthening relationships with her loved ones. 


This incredible impactful session starts at $390


Contact Jessica Lea Korff to schedule a consultationAll images and digitals are purchased separately. Some travel fees may apply.