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Success REfashiond Magazine · 20. November 2020
Inspirational woman and inspirational interview with the woman who is changing the face of pharmacy as we know it.
10. July 2017
Ready for a bra fitting revolution!? Check out The Bra Spa for cute bras that FIT correctly and excellent customer service.
08. June 2017
I am so excited to introduce Karolina as one of our 2018 Senior Model Street Team members! Her debut session took place in an unlikely impromptu location after meeting at a Starbucks in Tucson, Arizona. I love when we discover locations that might not have otherwise been considered. She also got to have her hair and makeup done, included in her session, by the lovely Nayaana! Karolina describes herself as outgoing, loving and creative. She is active in dance and cheer, as well as color guard...
14. May 2017
Betsy's Fleur de Lea Photography Senior Model Street Team debut! {Tucson, Arizona High School Senior}
11. April 2017
Emilee's Senior session in Downtown Tucson, Arizona
07. April 2017
Kaitlyn's Downtown Tucson Vintage and Retro Senior Session
13. January 2017
A few weeks ago, I received a wall art package at my door. Carefully opening it, as the excitement of a child at Christmas brimmed inside me, I took out each individual piece and inspected it for quality. I set them against my wall and stared at them for a moment, I think to myself "These are the ones I should get. I just love them... I am so excited to present and install these!!" I hung them in the client's home and fell inlove with them on her wall. Then, a couple weeks later, the process...
23. October 2016
Nicole's senior session took place at the beautiful Star Pass Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. Between the beautiful mountain views and the gorgeous interior, it was the perfect backdrop for her session. After Nicole's mother, Tania, contacted me; we met to plan out the session at her place of business, Tania's Mexican Food. In between a busy flow of customers I got to spend a little time with them, get to know her family a little more and we designed Nicole's session. By the way, let me tell...
10. August 2016
"...A unique photo shoot that brought out so much emotion between my husband and I. It was fun, silly and beautiful all at the same time." -Marsha
17. June 2016
This sister's lifestyle session in Tucson, Az was full of fun painting and bubbles! I am pretty sure those two things make everything just a little sweeter! Previous to my photography career, I worked with their mother for many years as a preschool teacher, and my daughters got to grow up loving these two in that preschool as well. I got to hold little sister, Sadie's, hand as she learned to walk! I have had the opportunity to watch these two little girls grow! And let me tell you, their...