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For Business Owners · 31. July 2020
I am asked ALL the time, HOW do you do it! Well, let me introduce you to my favorite tools saving me time, money and getting it done.
Success REfashiond Magazine · 03. July 2020
Introducing Desha, founder of 100+ women who care Tucson. You are going to want to hear this one!
For Business Owners · 20. January 2020
5 things you DON'T want to do in or before your business headshot or branding photo session!
Success REfashiond Magazine · 23. November 2019
I am so excited to announce this NEW endeavor! Rolling into 2020 with gratitude and love for all the women in business making a difference, here in Tucson Arizona.
09. October 2019
Find out about La Encantada's newest spa!
10. October 2017
Your Tuesday #TucsonSpotlight Make My Mechanic, your mechanic. The neighborhood mechanic you will want to get to know.
24. July 2017
Local Tucson Business Feature, Robert Brei DDS Cosmetic and Family dentistry
10. July 2017
Ready for a bra fitting revolution!? Check out The Bra Spa for cute bras that FIT correctly and excellent customer service.
20. March 2017
I know you have seen it around. That Facebook Meme, the creator seems to be unknown, about how shopping at a small business means you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey and a mom or dad put food on the table instead of a ceo getting a third home. That is powerful stuff right there. At least to me. How many of us have families? Kids we are trying to feed? Parent's who struggled to feed us when we were younger? When we support small businesses... we truly...