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31. May 2019
Western flair and a gorgeous sunset, what more can you ask for? I had an amazing time celebrating Jenn and Steve with a fun, dynamic and emotive Beloved Soulmate photo shoot.
08. February 2018
And NONE of them are: "Don't go to bed angry" Real usable tips that you can apply and make a difference in your relationship!
13. January 2017
A few weeks ago, I received a wall art package at my door. Carefully opening it, as the excitement of a child at Christmas brimmed inside me, I took out each individual piece and inspected it for quality. I set them against my wall and stared at them for a moment, I think to myself "These are the ones I should get. I just love them... I am so excited to present and install these!!" I hung them in the client's home and fell inlove with them on her wall. Then, a couple weeks later, the process...