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Success REfashiond Magazine · 03. July 2020
Introducing Desha, founder of 100+ women who care Tucson. You are going to want to hear this one!
Success REfashiond Magazine · 15. February 2020
Tucson's February REfashiond Icon: Tammy is a US Fighter Pilot turned Speaker on social courage, helping organizations to create an environment of growth.
31. May 2019
Western flair and a gorgeous sunset, what more can you ask for? I had an amazing time celebrating Jenn and Steve with a fun, dynamic and emotive Beloved Soulmate photo shoot.
09. January 2019
Introducing Girlfriend's Closet! You are going to LOVE your shopping experience at this Eastside consignment boutique!
25. October 2018
Introducing FOREVER storage of your digital images... peace of mind, just another unique part of your experience with Fleur de Lea Photography.
13. July 2017
Welcome Aspen to our senior model street team!! We are so happy to have you.
08. June 2017
I am so excited to introduce Karolina as one of our 2018 Senior Model Street Team members! Her debut session took place in an unlikely impromptu location after meeting at a Starbucks in Tucson, Arizona. I love when we discover locations that might not have otherwise been considered. She also got to have her hair and makeup done, included in her session, by the lovely Nayaana! Karolina describes herself as outgoing, loving and creative. She is active in dance and cheer, as well as color guard...
14. May 2017
Betsy's Fleur de Lea Photography Senior Model Street Team debut! {Tucson, Arizona High School Senior}
19. February 2017
Shortly after launching my Who I Am Project, Ethan's mom, Melanie, talked to me about doing it for her son. She was already planning to surprise him with a birthday trip to the happiest place on earth, and one of Ethan's favorite places, Disney Land; and upon their return she wanted to surprise him with our self-image boosting project. When we met to design his session, what he thought was simply a portrait session centering around his interests, I could immediately feel how warm-hearted he...
13. January 2017
A few weeks ago, I received a wall art package at my door. Carefully opening it, as the excitement of a child at Christmas brimmed inside me, I took out each individual piece and inspected it for quality. I set them against my wall and stared at them for a moment, I think to myself "These are the ones I should get. I just love them... I am so excited to present and install these!!" I hung them in the client's home and fell inlove with them on her wall. Then, a couple weeks later, the process...

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