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Success REfashiond Magazine · 06. December 2021
Success REfashiond Icon | Yvette-Marie Margaillan [Tucson, Arizona]
Learn more about local icon, Yvette Marie! Owner of Autism Pediatrics and Tucson Tea Company.
27. January 2020
Where do you fit in? Consumer research recently showed how most clients are displaying images in their homes!
10. June 2019
We are excited to celebrate Elizabeth who recently graduated in Tucson from Mountain View. Check out her incredible studio and mountain session!
10. February 2019
Know anyone with a crazy best friend? Maybe an epic best friend? Do you have the ULTIMATE best friend!!?? Celebrate them with this ULTIMATE Girls Day Out! Brought to you by Fleur de Lea Photography, Skin Narrative and Opulence Salon.
18. August 2018
We WON!! And it is so exciting! We are giving back to all those who participated in the give-a-way... plus find out who won the $1000 GC here!
17. March 2018
Number two is my absolute favorite! Here's to healthier living!
11. March 2018
This 90's themed grunge laundromat session in Tucson Arizona was a fun, and with amount of people on location, also a challenging experience! When the Laundromat is so packed on a Sunday, we were definitely the only ones in the immediate area who weren't doing it... and probably the only ones enjoying our time in one!
09. February 2018
Fleur de Lea Photography's Tucson Spotlight on A Peek Within, a small practice that was founded on the idea of maximizing health through acupuncture and clinical nutritional testing which determines internal imbalances that cause symptoms. "Healing from the inside out"
14. November 2017
Our pets are our family, Jackpot Vet is the perfect place for boarding and medical care for your loved pet.
20. October 2017
When Jeff came to me about photographing his daughter Stellisa's family, I was over the moon! I had known Jeff Stevens, owner of The Larger Company for nearly a year, and his stories of caving and youth groups, snakes and other critters never disappointed! So I was excited to meet the other part of his life! And can I just tell you? They were every bit as wonderful as I expected! And that grandson of his was just about the most happiest and darling blue eyed boy I had ever put my eyes on!...

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