Client Reviews

Check out what our clients have to say about their experience with Fleur de Lea by Jessica Korff!

Karla L.

"I have never been very comfortable with how I look.... and regretted not doing maternity shoots for either of my pregnancies. Doing a photo shoot with my 4 month old was nerve wracking, because I was so anxious about being a focus of images. Jessica not only had the entire shoot under control, she had my insecurities on lock down. She made me look beautiful, highlighted my daughter, but also made me look strong and confident as a woman and a mother. I am astounded at her genius as a photographer, as her images capture emotion more than any other photographer I've known."


Nervous about a session?-- "I was too, and Jessica has it fully under control. Just arrive and be prepared to be amazed!"

Shalisa B.

"From our first phone conversation I could tell that Jessica is passionate about what she does. She really takes the time to get to know you and what you want to get out of your session. She made the planning and preparation easy and answered all my questions. When I arrived for makeup Renee did an amazing job at making me look glamorous! The shoot itself was so much fun any bit of nervousness I had didn't last long. About 10 days after the shoot we met to make my selections (the hard part lol) I left very pleased with my photos and I can't wait to get my picture box! 


Jessica is a wonderful photographer I appreciated that she takes the time to get to know you and tailors the session accordingly. "


Nervous of your session? "Don't be afraid! Go for it you will be so happy you did!"

Alyssa M.

"Jessica is a fantastic photographer and a wonderful human... Thank you for giving me the space and this venue for taking this step in my healing. 


I didn't reach out to a photographer expecting such an awakening.


You're doing such an amazing thing."

Lisa G.

"On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this experience at 1000!

This experience allowed me to show up as my authentic self and crack open my self love, since the shoot there is a new level of my soul that has never been touched. It's like a piece of me was dormant and is now very much alive! I really didnt expect that I would feel so sexy.


Jessica, you are a damn genius, an absolutely and utterly skilled sculptor, and Worth. Every. Fucking. Penny.

If you are nervous about doing a session, just let you flow. Jessica will make it happen, follow her lead and trust her completely. This changed my life."


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"This experience started off as something great to do for my business--a picture for an ad and some professional headshots. It turned into a much more personal experience though. 

I had been dealing with some health issues leading up to my session date and was really lacking confidence in myself. Jessica sat down and talked with me before we ever thought about taking photos and encouraged me and really put my mind at ease. I decided to go through with the shoot and I feel like my confidence grew throughout, we even decided to have a little fun and add a red tulle skirt, I wasn't so sure about it at first... but it was amazing!!!. After seeing how my photos turned out, I couldn't help but think WOW when I saw myself how she captured me.


If you are unsure about doing a session with Jessica, just go for it! Jessica excels at what she does. She does not judge and helps to bring out the beauty that you've never seen in yourself. " -Kristen Oaxaca