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  fill out the form above, or simply call me at 520.975.9051, 

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let's start designing your custom portrait experience, together.


We'll talk about your vision, your style preferences and favorite colors. These portraits will be art work decorating your walls and lives for years to come, allow me to help be your dream come true.


Custom Portrait Sessions start at $390



There are very few certainties in life,

but I know that if I get you in front of my camera for one of these sessions,

that I will take some of the most meaningful  photos of you,

your relationship, your tween, your senior or your family,

that you have ever seen yourselves in, and that is my absolutely greatest joy.



I look forward to hearing from you.

Jessica Lea Korff

Owner, Fleur de Lea Photography

[Voted BEST photographer in Souther Arizona, 2018 and Named one of the TOP 200 High School Senior Photographers WORLD-WIDE]

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Each session is unique, therefore potentially unique in pricing, most 1 hour sessions begin at $190, more questions about pricing? Check out the Your Investment page.