Betsy | Senior Session {Tucson, Arizona}

This is Elizabeth. She is one of our 2018 Fleur de Lea Photography Street Team members. When the time came for us to talk about her Senior Session, she talked mostly of two things. Doing them somewhere that reminded her of home, and Harry Potter. So we took a trip to the very tip top of Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. We left the shorts weather in the valley and discovered not only freezing temps at the top, but also a little bit of snow! What a fun discovery! 


Mountains, Forest, Snow... and a little bit of magic. This was definitely one of my favorite senior sessions to date. Oh... and it should be known that she is such a trooper! When I showed up, Elizabeth had her arm in a sling! She stated that it was painful to even move, but she was determined to have the images she wanted... and if you look at these, you would never know!

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