For Photographers

Frustrated? Spread thin? Are you contemplating getting a "real job"... I have been there. It's a difficult transition from being a hobbyist photographer to running a business, and maybe even more frustrating when you have tried to build a business, but you keep hitting a wall, or worse-- your experiencing the dreaded Burn Out.


 I was where you are, I went into business for the freedom of time and finances while doing what I loved, but I quickly realized that the same old practices were not giving me the dream, finances or freedom I desired. The very best thing I could have possibly done was get a business coach who specialized in photography to help me build a profitable business and give an unforgettable experience, it was a life changer. 


If you are looking for how to increase your skill at shooting, editing or lighting your images, this is not the place for you (In fact I would outsource ALL of that before I outsourced marketing, connecting in the community and building my business!)  But if you are ready to elevate your business and take it to it's next level... then you are right where you are meant to be. Don't wait until you are hanging up your gear to realize that you could have been building the business of your dreams all along.


We have several options ranging from an a la carte hours for when you just need to check in and get some clarity on any topic you like-- this can be done in person or over zoom--, to an all day biz boot camp that focuses on everything from pricing for profit to ideal client to workflow to best practices and marketing-- and includes lunch. 


Are you ready to take that step and see what is possible for you and your business? Let's talk and see if we are a good fit! Fill out the form at the link below  and I will be in touch soon!


“Working with Jessica has helped me tremendously with improving my photography business. She spent so much time with me on being sure I was off to a solid start in my success. I highly recommend her for anyone who seeks a successful photography business! Jessica is incredible!”

-Angelica V.

"I am afraid that I may come off rambling, it's just that I have such incredible things to say about my mentoring with Jessica. I came to her a huge mess, hoping that she would help sort me out. I thought I was making money in my photography business and unfortunately she had to point out that I was indeed not making hardly anything at all. She said my photography was beautiful, but my business sense was going to tank me right along with my husband. She was firm but gentle in conveying her advice. Some things I didn't want to hear, like charging my worth/raising my prices. It was such a huge leap of faith for me. And once I did it, I couldn't believe how good I felt. I continue to reach out to her for more mentoring regarding her brilliant business tactics. I refer her at any opportunity when I see anybody struggling with their business. I am becoming very successful because of her mentoring, and I can say that proudly!"

-Sandra C.

"...Jessica invested her attention into getting to know me and my objectives. her process took me through a differentiated experience that was transformational for me and my business..."


-Yamen F.

(on his experience in working with us to prep for his photos, which incorporates a portion of what is covered in our business coaching)