The Art of [Her]

"True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul."

- Audrey Hepbrun.

It's no secret that growing up female in our society comes with some great struggles. Most of which are learned or encountered at a young age.


From sexism, to high societal expectations, to perfectionism, to being shamed, to unrealistic body standards, to unrealistic motherhood standards, to early adoption of the idea that girls have a certain "girl" behavior that is expected of them, even to it being her fault when a boy has no control over himself. There are so many things out there that we have faced daily, and from an incredibly young age.


And yet, for all the things built to keep us small, we rise


We rise through adversity.

We rise through trauma.

We rise through abuse. 


We rise to become mothers, despite the hardships.

and leaders, despite the "stats".

and mothers juggling motherhood with owning a business ... despite the trials.

and even empty nesters, creating a new business and self, despite the pessimistic.


We rise through all the self questioning, the imposter syndrome, the second guessing, the third guessing, and the opinions of those who could never understand,


and again, for all the things built in this world to keep us small. We rise.


... and when we do... it is truly a thing of beauty and art. 


Even when we feel like it's a mess,  it's beautiful, and elegant and powerful.


It's Art. 


It's the Art of the woman. 


It's the Art of becoming a woman.


It's the Art of Her.

Strength. Beauty. Determination.

Here. We believe every woman and girl is beautiful, without exception.


Her struggles to overcome make her stronger and powerful.

Her love and passion makes her unmistakably irresistable. 

Her determination makes her unstoppable.


We don't photograph models. We photograph real women, with real stories, and real beauty. 


And we showcase her as the piece of art she truly is.


Join us to celebrate The Art of [HER].

Want in?

This project will culminate in a gallery exhibition and women’s celebration event! And you’re invited. 

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Who can participate?

This project kicks off January 2021.

For this project, we are looking for women to celebrate in the following series of categories:


  • The Art of the [Mother]- Motherhood in all her facets: pregnancy, babies, adoption, multiples, young mom, older moms, etc.
  • The Art of [Her] Strength-  Woman who has pushed through an obstacle, such as cancer or illness, beyond simply surviving into thriving.
  • The Art of The [Phoenix]-  Woman who has a trauma, abuse or has an extreme adversity story and has overcome to rise above.
  • The Art of [Her] Determination - Woman juggling motherhood and owning/running a business, Determined to [RE]Imagine what she can accomplish for herself and her children
  • The Art of The [Wise] Woman - woman over 50, starting/recently started a new business and finally focusing on the [RE]Creation of herself.
  • The Art of the Young [Warrior Queen]. -- Girls ages 6-12 to showcase to them the strength they had no idea was inside of them.

Do you fit into one of those categories above?


Be the first to know when this project launches with new openings,

on participating women's stories and

on the upcoming event by clicking the link below: