[Meet Chrisie] Staying Connected and Coming Together in Our Community.

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"How do we stay connected when we are all dealing with different things. Some are busy as ever while others have nothing but time, but the juggling aspect is the same. How are we going to stay connected after all of this?

"Now, more than ever is the time to be compassionate, to show grace, be cognisant that we are not all the same or dealing with this the same... and that all of that is ok. Now is the opportunity for us to stay connected and come together even more as a community.


I am watching members who are doing very well, looking for how to give back and help. and those who are not are asking for help... and I don't know if they did that before."


Just a few words from Chrisie Ballard owns BNI SoZona, which is the southern Arizona region (6 counties) of BNI (Business Networking International). To which she makes sure to mention that all of those thoughts came from their members, and she has just had to opportunity to watch it unfold.


People are seeing that they need each other, even in the same industry. We need each other now more than ever, to lean on, learn from, collaborate with, and mastermind with. And that's an exciting thing.

Shifting businesses to all online is not an easy task, and possibly even more difficult for an organization with over 200,000 members. BNI shifted it's platform to online in 10 days so that businesses could maintain staying connected and passing referrals.


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Where can you find Chrisie and more information about BNI?? I am so glad you asked!


Website: https://www.bniarizonasouth.com


All of the chapters are currently online! So go to the website and find a chapter to visit! Or reach out to Chrisie with questions! Chrisie@bniarizonasouth.com


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