[Meet Heather] The Magic of White Space & The Secret Sauce to To-Do lists!

What are you often most resistant to? Sometimes it's not the hardest thing, but it is the thing we don't want to do the most. Heather talks about how these things hang over your head and detracts your mental energy from the things you really want to do... (taxes and accounting anyone? *hand goes up* lol)

We also talked about how sometimes we trick ourselves in order to get things done, the magic of white space and the secret sauce to to-do lists!

If you want some incredible tips on how to hit the ground running, while also making sure you have time for you and your family, and the mental energy to give to the things you love to do... you are going to want to hear Heather's tips. 

Did you know that when you join live, you get to hang out with us before we hit record! We love replays for when you miss it live, but we hope you join us live so we can get to know you too! 

Where can you find Heather and all of her amazingness?? I am so glad you asked! 

Website: https://www.heatherrosson.com

12 Productivity Hacks that will change your life PDF: https://www.heatherrosson.com/productivity-hacks

Register for the next free planning workshop: https://www.heatherrosson.com/pl/155234-- I took this... so helpful! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/productiveblessed/

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