[Meet i3 Media Solutions] Interview and Chat

If you have not met Frankie and Martha, you are missing out! They are two of the most wonderful people I have met. You will not find a more knowlegable, positive and committed team.


Pivoting (yes, more of it), Strawberries, Black thumbs (mostly me), 70/20/10 (get a pen ready, because your are going to want that information!) and loads of other tips and great info for moving your business into this new virtual only world. 

If you have been thinking about how to up your online presence game, we have just the experts for you. This week we interview with Frankie and Martha with i3 Media Solutions for all of the tips on how to make it through this time in your business, experts in the online marketing world, you are not going to want to miss what they have for you today. 

Want more of their amazing resources? Check them out below, including:

Weekly lives on https://www.facebook.com/i3mediasolutions/ and 

Their incredible Tribe Collective Free webinar series: https://i3mediasolutions.com/solu…/educate/tribe-collective/

Content Rich i3 Workshops: https://i3mediasolutions.com/solutions/educate/

and even i3 Media Solutions blog about thriving during social distancing: https://i3mediasolutions.com/…/how-to-help-your-business-s…/

If you want more individualized help from them about your personal business, you can find them at http://i3mediasolutions.com/

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