[Meet Lisa] From Pandemic Parenting to Refined Purpose-Personally and Professionally.

"My life has been curvilinear. It has not been a straight path. I don't fit comfortably into any box"


Lisa is a serial entrepreneur, and she also has two fantastic little boys. She gets it... building business while in a pandemic and while at home with your littles.. and that's why she has joined us today. 


We talked about how we haven't experienced where we are at before. We can't simply ask our own mother's "What did you do about this when you were in a pandemic?"


Because this is new, and something we are all just trying to navigate the best we can, as a parent the questions she really asked herself was, "How am I making sure that my children can navigate and negotiate this as well." Our children will not likely ever forget March, April, May of 2020... it will leave an indelible mark on our soul.


So how do we support ourselves through this and also support our children? We talked about the fears they are experiencing, we talk about how to give them the power in having space when needed and even about how to be totally ok with giving to your own self first when needed, so that you can give to them from a full and more complete place. 


We talked with Lisa on what processes have worked well for her, how to be truthful with yourself about what you are personally needing and about acceptance in the powerlessness of "when and how" things will change or get more "normal" again.


We even covered the difficulties of going through the adoption process and what those heartaches look like for a single woman. Thank you Lisa for your authenticity and allowing us into your heart.


If you are a mom and you are also juggling running a business, you will appreciate where this discussion goes, and I hope you find some peace about where you are through this honest and heart felt conversation with Lisa.


Check it out below!

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