[Meet Tabitha]: Working through fear, all about the enneagram and allowing, in uncertain times.

"Since Fear and Excitement come from the same place, {Ask yourself} "Can I get excited about a different possibility?".... Curiosity is a really great bridge.-- {Say to yourself} "This could be true, but I am curious if there are any other possibilities, I am curious what ALSO might be true" - Tabitha Danloe

I also loved the "audience participation" and the comment from one of the participants, Morgan: "fear of the thing is alway worse than the thing itself" 

So. many. great. nuggets.

Phenomenal Words of Wisdom during our Meet Tabitha: Live Interview and Chat with REfashiond Magazine with Tabitha Danloe at The Divine Sophia! ��Also… You will NOT want to miss her final words. They brought me so much peace in that moment. I hope they do that for you too.

Comment below your favorite part! 

PS... In the beginning I look like I have no idea where to look! lol... really I am looking at all the beautiful faces online with us, and answering comments on the side. LOL


Here is all the fabulous ways you can get connected with Tabitha! 

Website: www.thedivinesophia.com

Do you know your type? Find out here: Free Enneagram Test: https://www.thedivinesophia.com/the-enneagram.html 

Tabitha offers a fee session! Here is her Online Scheduler for: https://hello.dubsado.com:443/…/5c61f197c94d5816d4…/schedule

Text Tabitha directly at (520) 409-2988 if you'd like to receive daily inspirational text messages during this time. No gimmicks. 
(I am receiving her daily inspirations and love it!)

Check out her new series "Survive or Thrive"

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