Professional Business Portraits

Create "Know, Like and Trust" without ever saying a word.

Do you ever feel like your market is so saturated you are drowning in the crowd, waving your arms around just hoping you will get seen among the never-ending sea of other business owners in your industry?


What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? and that, in fact, you could be the exception?


That you could actually be the first one that gets their attention,

and begin creating "know, like and trust" without saying a word.


My name is Jessica Korff, owner of Fleur de Lea Photography and I create portraits for thought leaders

that cut through the noise, elevate your brand, and help present you, as

exactly the expert your clients aspire to work with and connect with.

Tucson Headshot and Branding Photographer, Girl looking at laptop with website Blessed Business Builders pulled up to show how images can be used.

Above web image to show portraits in use, website shown is

Our Custom Headshot Session or Branding Session is for you if:

  •  Your industry feels oversaturated and you need to find a way to stand out.
  • If you, yourself, are your brand. In particular, branding sessions are perfect for coaches, consultants and trainers who know that THEY are their brand, so their images of themselves must tell the story, and sell the story.   
  • You want the full experience. Guidance in wardrobe, understanding of your clients, coaching through posing and expressions and even expert guidance through which images best speak the way they were designed to.
  • You often feel like you are not photogenic. Truely, I need you to know, it is NOT your job to be photogenic, it is your photographer's job to know how to pose you, dress you and guide you through expressions so that you always looking your absolute best.

Options to help:


When you need a little more:

  • Brand Sessions - We have both Luxe and Signature options to get you what you need. Makeup included, strategy planning and style consult, multiple locations and looks to tell the full story of your brand.
  • Custom Headshots.- When Branding isn't quite right, but you need lots of diverse selections. - Makeup included and style consultation, one location up to 3 looks. head and shoulders mixed with some 3/4 shots 

When you need a little less: 

  • Headshot Minis. When you really just need 1-3 and want something quick. -Come ready to go, head and shoulders only, pop in and pop right out. 15 minute sessions- one simple look change (jacket change, jewelry change or throw the hair up).
  • Bite Size Brand Refresh For when you have already done the branding foundation work and shots, but you have a new product, a seasonal business, or for coaches who are their brand and need some fresh content each quarter. -Makeup included, 30 minute shoot time, bring your props and get your looks and get on with your day.

Whats the difference anyway? Curious about the difference between branding and headshots? Or minis vs full?

Check out our FAQ page HERE

Or ready to jump in? Hit the button below!

 Testimonial: “Jessica’s process took me through  a differential experience that was transformational for me and my business.  The exceptional photos were icing on the cake.”   -Yamen, Financial Advisor

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jessica.

She has an amazing process of finding out who you are, and who you serve.

I not only have amazing photos, I have more clarity on who my ideal client is... what she looks like, and where to find her.


We had SO much fun, during my photo shoot. She really took the time to make sure I looked great in EVERY picture. SO awesome!!! I highly reccomend Jessica." 


-Carol J. | Managing Director of eWomenNetwork

Both custom headshots and branding sessions include:

  • makeup artistry
  • wardrobe consultation
  • credit towards your image purchase
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY a strategy planning appointment to discuss who you are, who your business is, who your ideal clients are --so we can photograph in a way that gets their attention!


Branding sessions start at $1290 and include $1000 towards the purchase of your images

Custom Headshot sessions start $690 and include $400 towards your image purchase.

Call today to see which fits your needs best. 


Before and After photo of Helen.

In Studio Branding

On Location Branding

Additional  high res images at $190 each with  forever-unlimited printing license, there are no time constraints for usage  for these licenses plus a desktop print.  no time constraints or renewing of usage licenses.  Reduced rates with certain collection choices. Initial costs due at contract signing.