Headshots and Branding Session  FAQ

What is the difference between headshots and branding?


While around here, Headshots almost never means “just head and shoulders” (we talk A LOT about body language and how that affects your viewers, its hard to show body language with just shoulders *wink*) even those 3/4 shots mixed in with your head and shoulder shots, can't tell the whole story. 

Body language does a lot of heavy lifting to support the message about you you want to convey to your viewer. However, even our custom headshots do not generally incorporate props to help really get your message across. 


Branding uses all the body language psychology we use in headshots AND incorporates your props, your environment and other necessary items to help tell the whole story--- your brand story. 

Branding images give the viewer a better connection to you and a better understanding of your brand as a whole.


See below to learn the difference between a full branding session, bite size branding, headshots and the headshot mini day.


What is the difference between a full branding session and a bite size branding session?


A full Branding session includes a full strategy planning appointment where we dig into who you are serving, how you want to show up for them, wardrobe consultation and planning around where your images are going and what they need to say. It also includes several hours and sometimes several locations to get the story of you and what you do down. It may include flatlays, and always includes makeup. A full branding session is what you need if you are not really showing up online, you ---yourself-- are your brand (coaches commonly fit this piece), your market is saturated, and you either only have 1-2 professional headshot or none at all. This type of session helps to break out the nitty gritty and help you visually show off who you are, what you do and how you want to show up to the world.


A Bite Size branding session usually means a client has already had a brand session done, either with Fleur de Lea or someone else, they have the basic foundation visuals created and the basic work done. This session does not include that all important strategy planning, and you will show off only one outfit. Someone needing these usually just need an update on their brand for the quarter due to a new service, new product or a change in season that comes with a change in posting content and conversations on social media. 


What is the difference between the Headshot Mini and the Custom Headshot Session?


In a nutshell, the Headshot mini is strictly head and shoulders and on a specific day, while the custom includes head and shoulders and 3/4 shots on a date of your choice. Want to go deeper on what that means? Read below:


Headshot Mini Day: Sessions are $225 and is required to book, one images is included with your purchase, and additional are available for purchase at $190 each. This day is on one given day only, with a 15 minute time slot booked for your session and limited availability. -- which means no refunds are given and no date exchanges. You come dressed and ready to shoot. You may have 1 quick outfit update halfway through. (Think changing out the blazer, changing out the jewelry or changing out the top. -- don't worry about those bottoms or shoes, they won't even be seen).


The Custom Headshot is booked at a time that works for both our schedules, makeup is included and these sessions include $500 towards the purchase of your photos (or 2 images) images are individually priced at $225 each. These sessions also include a brief planning and wardrobe consultation to help you show up the best for your clients, -- usually 3 full outfit changes and approximately 1 hour in front of the camera. This session takes into account body language psychology to help support your message just from simply looking at your photos, as well as color psychology to help play a role in the over all message you are sending as well.