Child Couture Sessions

Capturing the beauty in the stillness.

We love the fun smiling photos of our kids just as much as you do. They make you smile just feeling into the pure joy that exudes from images like that. And during this session, you will find we naturally will capture some of those too. 


But that's not what these are about.


These are about capturing the beauty that they are, just as they are, seen only in their stillness. These fine art portraits are all about the silent beauty that hides in our children just beneath the boisterous silly beauty that they also share often. This is the beauty sometimes you only see when they are sleeping, the beauty you find yourself standing in the door way, soaking in, as they peacefully play in dreamland. As little as you get to see this part of them, this is a part of them they have never gotten to see, and it's so impactful when they finally get to.


The stillness, the softness. The parts that allow themselves to be seen when their just simply being


Perfect for ages 5-12 who love to play dress up, loves being center of attention (or maybe really just deserves some time there) and can take posing direction well, in between the fun stuff and snack breaks of course ;)


Call us to capture your child, and their beauty in their stillness.