If I had to pick 3 words that every woman should feel while she is pregnant and continue to feel after baby is born, it would be that she is


Beautiful, Empowered, and Strong


In a time of celebration for the miraculous life you are creating (or have created), so many women often find themselves no longer feeling seen. So quickly it all becomes about the baby, and we may even stop recognizing who we are in the mirror. 


If this sounds like you, let’s redefine how you look back on the changes in your life and your body as both beautiful and timeless. Let's celebrate the you that is also emerging and changing.


My name is Jessica Korff, and it is my mission to create some of the most empowering and beautiful photos you have ever seen yourself in.


Join us to bring out the beauty and art in motherhood, celebrating the creator of life that you are.


Maternity Portfolio

A Peek into our Motherhood Sessions



Our maternity style is elegant, timeless and often has a splash of fashion-inspired looks. Simple and Clean allows the focus to stay on mom and her beauty. 



Maternity sessions are best photographed sometime between the 29 week and the 36 week mark. If this is a concern of yours please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you, however as we are often booked 6-8 weeks out, it is best for us to get you on the books for the correct timing as soon as possible to make sure we secure your date.



Every photo shoot with Jessica includes a complimentary style and planning call. Maternity sessions are custom designed specifically to you and how you want to be photographed. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Once booked we will send you a guide with lots of tips to help you prepare.



Your session is the perfect excuse to go shopping! We highly recommend at least one form fitting black dress, and one dress in cream or white. And, if you’d like, we always love some great texture (think lace other textures for added interest!) 


We also offer a beautiful selection of silk and chiffon drapings for creating the perfect look. 



Even if this is your first professional portrait session, Jessica’s goal is to make you feel empowered, confident, at ease and beautiful. 


It is never your job to be photogenic, it is your photographer’s job to expertly pose you & guide you and to help you show up as you’re best and beautiful self.



Our Studio offers high quality portrait products, archival so you can hand it down for generations. With gorgeous unique portrait boxes, timeless gallery wraps, framed prints and modern metal displays, you will be reminded of your changing body as both beautiful and timeless.



Portraits start at $690 and include styling, planning, hair and makeup and $500 towards your portrait order. Each client is unique, and so is their custom created order. Please call to find out more about what your custom investment may look like.