Brands We Love to Work With

& Discount Codes!

We often get asked, especially by our business owner clients, what we tools we use in business and who we trust for our needs. So we wanted to put it all in an easy to find place!


All of the brands we talk about below are brands we are actively choosing to use within our own business. We are very selective and spend a lot of time researching or getting to know the people behind the brands. Some are local small businesses that we love to support, other's are incredible brands that are saving us time, money and sanity! Either way, they are good for business and they make us look even better!


We hope you will consider supporting them too!


*Please be aware that to get you a discount, you may be clicking a link. These links are affliate links that in addition to getting you a savings may earn us a commission or savings as well! Win Win Win! Please keep in mind we only support and suggest brands that we 100% support.



Email Campaigns

We love the ease of use, beautifully designed templates and the price! If you want to know more about why we switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk recently you can find that post HERE>>


Client Management System or Client Relationship Management (CRM)

A good CRM is essential to keeping your business running, keeping things all in the right place and electronic send and signatures!? Heck ya! Want to see what else we love about Dubsado? Check out our recent post HERE>>

PLP Imaging

Business Printing Needs

There are lots of options for printing business cards and brochures, signs and banners and all the things a business can need. We love supporting local whenever it's an option do so!


PLP Imaging is owned by Susan and Don Broomall, and they offer a high touch, hand holding, "guid- you-the-entire-way" type of experience. Check your worries at the door because they have you covered, from idea to in your hands. 


Email susan at to get started! And don't forget to let her know we sent you!