This project is now booking for 2021 sessions. Spots are limited to only 25 women.

The Art of [Her]

"True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul."

- Audrey Hepbrun.

The Fire, The Strength 

& The Art 

of Women Rising.

Too many stories go untold.

Too many women go unvalidated.

Too many go uncelebrated. 

Too many do not see their own beauty & power. 

& too many women go their whole lives without being truly witnessed and seen.


I want to change that.

Join me to create an Artist's Visual Representation of

your strength, your beauty and your story. 


I'm photographing and telling the stories of 25 Women in 2021

and I would love for you to be one of them.


It's no secret that growing up female in our society comes with some great struggles. Most of which are learned or encountered at a young age.


From sexism, to high societal expectations, to perfectionism, to being shamed, to unrealistic body standards, to unrealistic motherhood standards, to the early adoption idea that girls have a certain "girl" behavior that is expected of them, even to it being her fault when a boy has no control over himself. There are many things out there that we face daily from such a young age.


And yet, for all the things built to keep us small, we rise


We rise through adversity.

We rise through trauma.

We rise through abuse. 


We rise to become mothers.

and business owners, despite the "stats".

and mothers while also being business owners... again, despite the stats.

and even empty nesters, creating a new business, all despite the stats.


We rise through all the self questioning, the imposter syndrome, the second guessing, the third guessing, and the opinions of those who will never understand,


and once again, for all the things built in this world to keep us small. We rise.


... and oh, when we do, it is truely a thing of beauty and art. 


Even when we feel like it's a mess,  it's beautiful, and elegant and powerful.


It's Art. 


It's the Art of the woman. 


It's the Art of becoming a woman.


It's the Art of Her.

Strength. Beauty. Determination.

Here. We believe every woman and girl is beautiful, without exception.


Her struggles to overcome make her stronger and powerful.

Her love and passion makes her unmistakably irresistable. 

Her determination makes her unstoppable.


We don't photograph models. We photograph real women, with real stories, and real beauty. 


And we showcase her as the true piece of art she is.


Join us to celebrate The Art of [HER].

You're invited to a unique and luxurious photoshoot experience culminating in a gallery style exhibition and celebration of women and their stories. Let's lift each other up, and rise together.


We have opened this up and have now have 4 spots


Who can participate?

This project officially kicks off January 2021.You may begin booking you're 2021slot as early as November 2020.

For this project, we are looking for women to celebrate in the following series of categories:


  • The Art of the [Mother]- Motherhood in all her facets: pregnancy, babies, adoption, multiples, young mom, older moms, etc.
  • The Art of [Her] Strength-  Woman who has pushed through an obstacle, such as cancer or illness, beyond simply surviving into thriving.
  • The Art of The [Phoenix]-  Woman who has a trauma, abuse or has an extreme adversity story and has overcome to rise above.
  • The Art of [Her] Determination - Woman juggling motherhood and owning/running a business, Determined to [RE]Imagine what she can accomplish for herself and her children
  • The Art of The [Wise] Woman - woman over 50, starting/recently started a new business and finally focusing on the [RE]Creation of herself.
  • The Art of the Young [Warrior Queen]. -- Girls ages 6-17 to showcase to them the strength they had no idea was inside of them.

Still have questions?

 fill out the form below to learn more, or scroll down for common FAQ's

How much does it cost?

I am offering The Art of Her special promotion package for just $299 to participate. The total value is over $700! and includes everything listed below.


Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

You will choose your included images at an ordering session where you get to see your portraits for the first time! Your two included images are valued at $190 per image, and any additional portraits start at $190 as well. Most clients go on to spend an additional $3,000 to $5,000 on their portraits. Please note however that there is no requirement or expectation to purchase more, and should you chose to do so, you only ever purchase what you love. 

What will I recieve?

As part of our The Art of [HER] Series, You will recieve

  • A Fashion and beauty inspired studio photo session, completely styled by me, no preparations necessary! at a substantial special savings. (valued at $590.00)
  • Hair and Makeup on the day of the photoshoot, you feel absolutely fabulous and pampered on the day of your session! 
  • Fully guided professional photo shoot where I will pose you down to your expression and fingertips!
  • A reveal and ordering appointment where you can see all your beautiful photographs.
  • 1 complimentary matted art print and matching digital, chosen at your ordering appointment where additional purchases can be made. (Valued at $380.00 a la carte)
  • Your Story and Photo featured in our The Art of [HER] magazine publication.
  • Your Story and Photo published on social media.
  • A Complimentary Ticket to our Women's Celebration Fundraising Event and Portrait Exhibition.  (TBA- Expected February 2022)

Please be aware that this campaign is about celebration! Because of this, participants will be expected to sign a model release allowing images to be used as such, including before and after photos, possible video and the allowance of sharing your story. 

To showcase the project:

  • You'll be asked to share your story, this may include filling out our interview form or possibly a video interview.
  • That interview or write up may be shared on my website and/or social media, as well as possibly at the gallery exhibition event.
  • Before and after makeover photos may be shown.
  • Other conditions may apply.

How do I participate?

Please fill out the form below and we will send you the form to apply.


Please note that we have only a limited number of women we are able to take on for this project, as much as we wish we could take all of you on and tell all of your stories, applications will be chosen on a first come first serve for each of the classifications. If you are not chosen, you will be placed on the waiting list for the next event!


If chosen, participants will recieve their photo session at a promotional pricing as part of participating in the series. With pampering of hair and makeup, custom designed dresses, built directly on your during your session! Expert posing and guidance- where you can be confident you will look your best, your story and photos featured in the publication and blog, as well as complimentary ticket to our women's event and gallery exhibition, and 1 complimentary image, ALL for only $299. (normal value of over $700)


Spots are limited however, as we can only take on so many amazing ladies in addition to our already limited amount of normal clientele we take on each year.


We look forward to sharing your portrait and your story.


Sessions Are Limited



What to wear or bring for my photo shoot?

One of the biggest stressors for any photo session is often what do I wear!? While typically we provide a planning session to help you best prepare for your sessions, you don't have to worry about that this time!


These sessions are specifically and artistically styled for the theme of The Art of Her. They are created to feel incredibly Fine Art, because you, yourself, are a wonderfully complex and artistically beautiful creature. And we want to bring that out through these sessions. Ulitmately, you are the focus, and the garments are meant to only compliment you.


With this in mind, your clothing will be custom fashioned from beautiful fabrics in studio. Please bring with you nude colored undergarments including a strapless bra/bandeau or tube top. 


What if I want to do a specific location or look?

This project is very specific and stylized and will be taking place in the studio. 


If you are considering different looks or locations give me a call and let's schedule a custom photo session just for you!


I love the idea of this, but I don't usually like how I look in photos

We have got you covered! I always say it is not ever your job to be photogenic. It is your photographer's job to coaching you through posing and prepare you so that you look and feel your very best. We specialize in helping women who struggle with how they look in camera and creating some of the best photos they have ever loved themselves in. 


Please note, while we will do everything we can to ensure you look absolutely amazing, sometimes certain things help to tell your story, such as scars... if you would like these types of things to come in as part of the art of who you are, we highly encourage that. And... if you do not want those things up and center, we support you in that too. 


We can't wait to have you in as part of this empowering project.


What if I want to do this at a later time?

This particular project is on a time line, to be included in the project, the publication and the gallery exhibition event, and enjoy the more than 50% savings, these will need to be done within the timeline. 


Please be aware that there is a limited number of spaces available for this project, so if you are interested, please get in contact with us right away.


If you would like to book a fine art session like the ones above for yourself, we can absolutely do that too! Please contact us to schedule your own custom session.


Covid Anyone?

Not to worry! We did not forget that we are in a pandemic. We are doing lots of things to help keep you safe, from mask wearing the entire time, to sanitzing before and after each visit, to our UV lighting that has been installed in our HVAC system to limiting the number of people who come into the studio each week. Find out more about our COVID procedures HERE>>