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 Oh man. I have been DYING to get this out to you!


But first,  I want to take a moment to address the "elephant in the room".




Right after we completed this session and interview, things really hit the fan. I decided that in the month march, we would go silent, at least as far as the release goes. 


It wasn't the time for us to continue business as usual, people were scared and feeling uncertain, and I felt that we needed to let that just be. It's ok to feel into that, and I didn't want to minimize it in anyway. 


Releasing April's sneak peek issue is by no means meant to minimize what the world is dealing with even now. 


It is, however, meant to remind us that we are fierce and powerful. 


That we will persevere.


And that we are here to do that together. 


It is meant to stand exactly for what this magazine is all about—growth and collaboration and support. 


Because thIs interview was prior to everything happening you won't find that to be part of any of the topics included, we are certainly not ignoring what is happening to many of our local businesses because of it, in-fact, we decided to step out to see how we might be able to continue to bring support.  Please follow us on our Facebook page as we interview businesses from all around our community on how they are getting creative, pivoting, adjusting and for tips to help you keep your business moving forward. 


Ok. Now that that is covered, let’s move on to our next REfashiond Icon!


Allow me to introduce to you, Carol Johnson

You likely know this woman, as she is a master networker and has been doing so for 10 years! Aside from running her own business, Successful Solutions, she is also currently the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork's Tucson Chapter


It is the mission of eWomenNetwork to help one million women entrepreneurs each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue. 


I don't know about you, but that's a mission I can get behind! 


Carol has a big heart and really cares about the people around her and their successes. If you haven't met her yet, get to know more about her below!


And if you have... how smokin' is she in that picture above!? Yowza! Make sure to share this and give her lots of love!! 


And I MUST give a little thanks and gratitude to woman-owned Luna + Saya, a local handmade jewelry business by designer, artist, and woman business owner Marina Cordova who graciously included her beautifully designed earrings as part of our fashion style shoot!

Jessica: What does RED symbolize to you? 


Carol: From a business standpoint, I see RED as power and confidence, and I like the symbolism that it’s sexy too. 


Jessica: The magazine is called Success REfashiond, and the official definition of Refashioned is to fashion or create something differently. I think women do things differently anyway, and I think the more rise we see women in business the more we will see the definition of success change. 

So for you, what does Success Refashiond mean to you?


Carol: For me, I think it's all about women standing in their power and showing their confidence. Sometimes we don’t always feel confident. But when we stand in our own power, we project that confidence. 


Jessica: Tell me a little about your business and your role as the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork-- Tucson chapter.


Carol: For my business, Successful Solutions, I work with women who have been through a transition where they have completely lost their self-esteem and their drive for life. I help them get back on their feet, learning to love themselves again, just as they are. So many women struggle with this, loving themselves as they are so that they can have healthier relationships around them 


As a Managing Director, I love to connect people together. I love working with each person’s strategic partner and matching them up with people who can help move their business to the next level. Sometimes that’s a client, sometimes that’s a strategic partner. It’s all really about connection.


Jessica: Why are each of those important to you?


Carol: In my business, I think that when we are down on ourselves, we reflect what is on our hearts. If we don’t feel good inside we are often not kind to ourselves or other people. When we can love ourselves we can love others.


As a Managing Director, eWomenNetwork is all about lift as we climb, and give first and share always. I love to help women get to their next level, whatever that might look like. Whether they are new to business and need the next step, or whether they are looking for their next client. 

Jessica: Why did you choose eWomenNetwork? Of all the groups out there available to you, what made you choose them?


Carol: I have been a member of eWomenNetwork for over 8 years, and it's always been the place to go to get the support I need. It's always nice to have guidance and that's what eWomenNetwork has always provided. 


When the opportunity came up to be Managing Director I was both scared and excited! Over the last year I have really enjoyed helping other people grow, and that makes it a no brainer, it goes with what my core business is.


So I said yes, and I jumped off the cliff and figured out how to fly on the way down! 


Jessica: What is something you wish you had known when just starting out in your business?


Carol: I wish I had known I didn’t have to have my ducks all in a row to proceed. I held myself back for many years because I figured I didn’t have the right price or the right programs or the right this or the right that. I held myself back instead of jumping in and helping clients. Now I can help clients and figure that out along the way.


Jessica: What advice would you give to someone who was looking into doing what you do? 


Carol: Don’t ever discount your services or what you do. It’s important to charge your worth and the right people will come to you. 


Jessica: What are some resources that have helped you on your overall business journey?


Carol: I am all about books! Here is my newest one! *Shows "The Connection Code”*. As a managing director, trusting the process is key, eWomenNetwork has been around for 20 years now and they're successful because they have figured out what works. So just trusting the process and letting things work out the way they will is key. 


Jessica: What would you say is your biggest challenge right now? 


Carol: right now my challenge is balance I think, because I have so many things on my plate right now I will often put my business on the side to ensure that eWomenNetwork is flourishing. 


Jessica: What’s your favorite word?


Carol: Well, my word for the year is persevere…. It’s important to stay true to yourself.

Jessica: Was there ever a moment where things got scary and you thought “I don’t know if I can get through this” what happened and how did you get through it?


Carol: It’s important to know you are not alone, and you can’t do this alone, that you need people to help. 


As managing director, I have my leadership team to lean on, so I don’t have to do it alone. 


In my business, I can be there for my clients because I have been through much of what they are going through. I have been through the divorce, lived with someone doing drugs and alcohol, had cancer, been the single mom, had to rely on welfare... I’ve been through things. 


Jessica: You have definitely been through some things, and you have come out on top, what was the driving force that got you through it?


Carol: For me, the key was setting boundaries and keeping myself healthy. Learning to take care of me, helped me have the energy to take care of those around me. And that’s why I do what I do, my key drive in life is to make sure others are taking care of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones. 


It was because of my journey that I want to help others.


Jessica: Is there anything else you would like people to know?


Carol: I want people to know that they are always good enough as they are, that there are always people to support them and that they should love themselves always.

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Carol Johnson is a coach for women in transition.

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