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showing 3 women in business fashion style shoot by Jessica Korff for REfashiond Magazine. Rhonda Peoples, Tammy Barlette and Carol Johnson

Join us for our new Meet Series: Chat and Interview with some of Tucson’s most creative, impactful and inspirational women in business.
Ever wish you could get in the room with some of successful organizations? Ever wish you could just pick the brain of those who run it? For even 10 minutes?? Well we help that happen for you! And you get an entire hour! How amazing is that!? When you join us live, you get the chance to win door prizes, ask questions and get to know these women too! 
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I am so honored that you have taken the time to find yourself here. 


Success REfashiond Magazine is a local magazine for women in business, about women in business! Highlighting the Top women who are doing big things, making an impact, are trailblazers and are passionate.


Women like you.


  • We believe in celebrating the marriage of femininity and power.
  • We believe YOU absolutely can have both, hell, you can have it all (whatever "it all" looks like for you.)
  • We believe we are in a time where we are rising up as women who are killing it in business, in the community and in success.
  • We believe in Making an impact, doing big things and helping the women behind us.
  • We believe wholeheartedly in #womenliftingwomen and world that looks different with more women doing business our way, and making more money.
  • We believe in collaborations and shared success, because there is enough room for all of us at the top.


Because as women, we do it differently and Success truly IS refashioned. 


If you believe in those too, than you are in the right place. 




We are so excited to bring this collaborative platform that is truly all about celebrating women who are on fire, and want to be on fire, in business and community. 


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REfashiond Magazine is a yearly publication. YES! This will be a tangible, flippable, sharable magazine, and it will be released at the end of the year. 


This magazine and community is for you if:

  • You know that learning from those doing what you want to do is the best way to get where you want to go.
  • You want to know how some of the top women in Tucson got to where they are and you want to hear their stories.
  • You want to be seen as the expert in your field as a contributor.
  • You want to learn fantastic tips from articles written by our very own local experts, excited to help you build a strong business. 
  • You love to support other local women, and you believe in #womenliftingwomen. This magazine is all about collaborations. (-- also, if this is you... Perfect! Make sure to support the women who are part of this magazining by sharing the blog sneak peeks below, and sharing this magazine with all the women you know!) 

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Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak, we chose to step away for a short time while the world quarantined and gathered itself. This means that instead of monthly features as we originally planned, we are simply sharing them as we are able to bring them in. Keep checking back for updates or keep an eye on our blog! Alternatively, you can email me at to request being put on the email list for updates!


 In the meantime we have created a FB community where everyone could gather bringing you back to support and love and focusing on growing your business!


"Billionaires are made in times like this" and we can't wait to see how you thrive beyond this time

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Top Tucson Woman in Business Features:

Rhonda Peoples | Coach & Advocate for Women Making more Money!

Tammy Barlette | Founder and Speaker at Athena's Voice & former Female Fighter Pilot

Carol Johnson | Women's Coach & Managing Director eWomen Network Tucson Chapter

Mica Vance-Kinder | CEO at Insulin Now

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