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Requirements for Print Publication 

We request full submissions. Please upload the PDF of your article at the link below. Articles must be submitted by August 1, 2020 to be included in the 2020 publication.

Please note the followingrequirements:
  • Your article must provide value to women in business.
    • -This is NOT a sales page or an advert. Instead this is an opportunity to show up as the expert in your field while also providing  something of value to our readers.
  • Your article must include a boiler plate at the bottom. This is where you will list your short bio and where people can find you. This should not be more than 3 lines.
  • Word count should be approximately 500-700 words, with a single professional quality photo included. We may accept up to 1400 on a topic that is exceptional in value and would be coveted by women in business-- if you feel this may be the case please contact me before submitting. 
  • You must include a single (1) professional quality photo that matches up with your article submission.
  • We will contact you if we decide to use your article. As we recieve many submissions each week, If your submission does not meet these requirements or it does not meet our needs for this particular publication, you may not hear from us as we can not possibly respond to all of the incoming submissions.
  • Not sure if your article topic qualifies? Put the article topic and outline in the message box In the link below and let's chat about it.