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Do you see that gorgeous women! She has it all, beauty, family, business, fun, joy (we even joked about how hard it is for her to even fake being mad!)... because she finally over came the idea that you couldn't! 

She even told us in her interview that she used to say “you can’t  have it all” or at the very least, “you cant have it all at the same time”. But the internet has made it possible for women to finally mash it all together so they can make more while doing more of what they love! And she is living proof. And I am thrilled to bring her to you in all of her experience and knowledge. 


But first a note.


What a year this has been. Many of us started it with big ambitions. 2020 was going to be our year. And then, as life does, we get hit with some major curveballs... except these curveballs are affecting pretty much all of us. Globally.


While I don't want to spend a lot of time on the things going on in our country right now, there is no denying that the effect that the state of our world and country are in right now is severely affecting business, I can't imagine any business coming away completely unscathed.


Well... maybe except the toilet paper industry.


It is because of this that I feel like the ongoing existence of this magazine is more important now than ever. 


It is more important than ever to get our local women in business seen, to provide for them advice, guidance, education, visibility, and hopefully continued growth. It is important that together, we continue to push forward, lifting eachother as we go.


That is what I have continued to strive to do for our community of women. If you haven't seen it yet, follow along on our Meet Series, where I am literally bringing all the experts right to you. You have the opportunity to connect with them and ask them anything you like to help you through these challenges! 


It's also why I am offering a FREE 21 day Facebook challenge for finding your ideal clients and showing up for them. (starts June 1st btw)


Because together we can rise and hold strong. 


Because this community is important to me.


Because I love the ladies that are trying to get by, trying to survive and trying to thrive, like they are my sisters...


and Because you are.


You are my sisters in this thing, and together we can push through, hand in hand. I want to see you succeed. I want to celebrate with you. I want to bring you any resources I possibly can to help you along your way. 


I hope you will join me because just on the other side of this is the possibility of reinvention and a brand new extraordinary.

Allow me to Introduce to you, Heather Rosson.

OK. Now that all of that has been said. I want to move on to an extraordinary woman.


One who LITERALLY launched her new business venture at the start of a shutdown. And one who has persevered forward, growing, and celebrating other women's successes along the way. 


You saw her on our Meet Series with Heather. And now you get to see her as our May REfashiond Icon Feature! (even if thanks to COVID... we are a bit late. We are giving a lot of grace around here recently).


This is not her first rodeo, Heather has run businesses even amidst recessions before. She has also done something harder... she taught teenagers.... Algebra... like for real, I have no idea how she survived. 


She is a financial guru, an expert "passion finder" -- my words, not hers lol.. but she is none the less gifted with helping women find passions..., she owns Az Moving Boxes with her husband, has 3 phenomenal kids, 

and most recently, and especially, a productivity coach (heatherrosson.com)


Find out more about why I love her so much in her interview below!

Jessica: ok. always start with these questions first, and they are some of my favorite answers!

What does RED symbolize to you?


Heather: The first word that comes to mind is power, I mean it's always like, the power color, right. Even when you think in masculinity, "wear the red tie". But for us, for women, we can wear a red dress. Men can't really wear a red suit. 


Jessica: What does Success REfashiond mean to you?


Heather: I think it can mean a couple of things, it can be success itself looking different. Historically people look at success as money. And its a piece of it for sure, it's definitely not inconsequential. But as women, we have a, in my opinion, a better definition of success, because it looks like life. Like life, abundantly.


The second part of that would be like success refashiond can be a woman in her 40's. Like, you can start at any time! People always say "I'm so behind". No. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. They might say "I should have started in my 20's". No. For the last 20 years, you have been exactly where you were supposed to be. 


And it's ok to refashion that now. It's ok to refashion that 5 years from now and it's ok to refashion it 10 years from now.

Jessica: Tell me more about your business and what you do.


Heather: I help Christian entrepreneurs get more done in less time, so they can more time for faith, family, and fun.


So what does that mean?


It means that I help people look at the big picture and focus on the things that will actually move them forward in whatever goal they have. And, it's another place that we are different from men. Men generally want to be more productive so they can do more so they can make more money.


Women want to be productive so they can do aaaaallll the things they want and need to do. Not just to add more to our plates, we have enough as women. But we spend so much time spinning our wheels that if we could just get it done then we can go and enjoy the soccer game, or have dinner with our husband. Imagine that!


Jessica: And why is it so important that they can accomplish that?


Heather: Because really, what it comes down to, is alleviating mom guilt.


Right? Because we need to be all things to all people... or at least we think we do. And it's not possible.


So we have to do the things we WANT to do. So if you happen to be someone who wants to run a successful business, in my opinion, we need to be able to do that without allowing it to take over our lives. Regardless of how much we love it, right? Like we LOVE it. We love the businesses we create! They are our babies!


But, um.. it doesn't do any good if when you turn around everything else in life that you really care about and love is gone, or is falling apart. Including your kids, your family, your house, your this and your that.


so it's about two things actually, like, being realistic about what you can get done knowing all the time, that there is always more to do. But it's ok to say that I am going to do these 3 things and be done. Like that's ok! 

JessicaIt's a discussion across most industries, I think, of how women are just doing it differently. Even if the goal is to do more and make more money, there is still another aspect to it, like you said. Something else in there about taking care of themselves or family. 


Heather: Yea. I think for women, we have to actually change the mindset. Like Money is fantastic! You will hear people say "Money is a necessary evil" but it's not that either. The more you make, the more you can give, the more you can do. So it's a tool. For me, as a woman, it's more of a tool than a goal. It's the thing that allows the rest of my life to look how I want it to look.


Jessica: What resources really helped you along your overall journey?


Heather: I think doing online business, it's super important to also be connected locally. I think all of that local networking, NOT networking for the sake of networking, right? but the smaller, really get to know some people that you can bounce ideas off of, mastermind type of group is a huge resource, and super necessary. 


I think also revisiting your online courses or books because there are parts that you weren't ready to hear in the place you were at. You were in a place where you needed to hear something else. And you had to go through it. But now you are in a new place and may hear it differently. 


Also, Profit First, Building a Story Brand, are both good. Built to Sell is one of my favorite books. It's a super short, super easy read, reads a little bit like a novel or story, instead of just telling you steps. But it really nails home the idea that you are not your business. It needs to survive you. You are building an asset, not a job.

Jessica: What are you curious about right now?


Heather: I am super curious to see how people will organize their lives coming out of this time of quarantine. Will they automatically run back into doing all of the things, all of the time, being super busy. Or will they be intentional about what they are putting back in their life? Will corporations transition to more people working at home? I think there will be an entire sociological study done on this era on how we come out of it. Yea. I'm curious on how we will come out of it.... we have these natural tendencies to go back to what we know.

Did you love Heather's Interview??

You will get to see the rest of it in the year end publication!


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Where to find Heather:

Heather Rosson is a productivity coach for christian entrepreneurs.

To learn more about her you can find her on her webite at www.HeatherRosson.com! 

You can find all of her social media platforms there as well!



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