Headshot Mini Marathon Day

Headshot Mini Marathons are Back!

Now Scheduled for Wednesday October 21st!

Did you know people make a judgment about you in 33 milliseconds? Does your photo tell  your potential clients that you are a professional, and that you invest in yourself the way you hope they will invest in you too? These are perfect for a quick "head and shoulders" update to your current photo, updating your social media profiles or business card, and get your business off on the right foot!



Want to make sure that your image tells more of your story and really gets the attention of YOUR clients in those 33 milliseconds? Contact me to schedule a Custom Headshot Session or a Business Branding Session instead, this includes hair and makeup, and a strategy planning appointment, to ensure your images speak the exact way you want them to, call today for more information on these sessions! 520.975.9051


  • 30 minute scheduled session
  • 1 high-res digital image, additional available for purchase.
  • Personal zoom ordering session scheduled
  • Multiple wardrobe changes ( 3 is the perfect number!)

COVID-19 Updates: What's Changing about these?


Our business is following theses enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

-Our Building has been equipped with an HVAC UV Light system which destroys harmful microorganisms, including mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and viruses like SARS-CoV-19
-Health Review Form required by all clients, to help ensure the health of all clients after.

-Masks will be worn by staff at all studio sessions and any situations where the social distancing guidelines cannot be strictly followed.

-With the exception of mini sessions, No more than 1-2 clients will be scheduled per week in order to allow for ample time for cleaning and santizing between clients.

-Planning Appointments and Ordering Appointments will take place on zoom whenever possible.

-Mini Sessions may take place on occasion (Such as our Headshot Mini Marathon) To ensure that we are creating an experience that is safe for all individuals, these will have increased limited availability to ensure we take in less clients and increase the time available to clean and sanitize between each appointment.

---This means there will be less people allowed to participate on these days and increased time between scheduled appointments.

-We will not be providing our client wardrobe closet until further notice. 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Custom Professional Portrait Sessions, Business Branding or Headshot Minis. What does your business need? 


**Head shot minis are in studio, typically constrained to head and shoulders.