What is The Maternity Portrait Movement?

 2020 brought some incredible hardships to our country. I believe it is time to celebrate hope.


Mother's who are pregnant right here, and right now are carrying the hope and joy of 2021. When I discovered this new global movement, I knew I had to be part of it. 


There has never been a better time to document the journey of that newness than now.


In addition to our unforgettable experience, hair and makeup pampering and guidance through every step and pose,  being part of this movement means you will get a few extra perks with your session, which includes:

  • A Celebrate Mom Event at the close of this project
  • Being featured in our local Maternity Magazine featuring all of the participants
  • Inclusion into the VIP FB community of women pregnant in 2021, world-wide, and their participating photographers.
  • The chance to be featured on The Maternity Movement Instagram page. 


Ready to join the movement, feel celebrated and see your beauty shine?

Book your Discovery Call and let's get the conversation started.

Want to know more?



Take a look at what's included:



Complete custom photo session design. 

Wardrobe consultation

Access to our dress designing wardrobe & 




Camera-ready Custom Make-up application by our skillful on site make-up artist

(wait until you meet her, you will love her!)

Glammed up or natural/refined, it’s all up to you! Light hairstyling for picture perfect results!



Covergirl for a day! You will enjoy a fully, expertly guided magazine-style

photoshoot with Jessica Korff.


Not photogenic? Nonsense! I’ve got you! It is not your job to be photogenic,

It is my job to guide you, connect and make you comfortable, to show you in your best light

with poses to flatter your beautiful baby bump.



We will schedule a time for you to come back and view your beautiful

portraits in person about a week after to review, choose and order.

You choose your 2 complimentary photos or if you desire more, 

you purchase the images you love and enjoy a $400 credit!


Gorgeous, handcrafted products and wall art will be available so you can enjoy your photographs every day and pass them down like the treasured heirlooms they will become.



We will celebrate the hope of 2021 with a Tucson based Maternity magazine and celebration event! All with celebrating you in mind.


In the meantime, you’ll have access to our VIP Facebook community of other world wide new mothers and their photographers who are shining a light and celebrating the Hope of 2021 through photography.