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When I visited The Bra Spa here in Tucson, Arizona. I was incredibly impressed by both the atmosphere and the welcoming ladies at the front desk. Margo and Kateland made my visit unforgettable. I am so excited to make them the very first Fleur de Lea Tucson Spotlight Feature!! {formerly #featuretucson}


 I recently read an article in the Huffington Post that said that a study by Swiss lingerie company Triumph showed "... a startling number of women are choosing their bras incorrectly. The international survey of 10,000 women found that 64 percent are wearing the wrong size bra " SIXTY-FOUR PERCENT!


Further, if you are a bigger busted woman, you know the sad struggle of finding a cute bra in your size. The Bra Spa completely solves both of those problems! Stick around to the end to see what Margo has in store for you!


And now, Without further adieu, allow me to introduce to you, The Bra Spa.

Owner(s) Name(s): Margo Hall



Business Name:
The Bra Spa

Website address -- Where can customers get the latest news?::,

Type of Business: Bra Boutique

How long have you been in this business?: May 17, 2017 grand opening

Hours and Location:: Tues-Sat 10-6

6544 E Tanque Verde Rd Tucson, AZ

Owner, Margo Hall

Tell us about your business--- What do you do?: I help women find their new favorite bra. I am a professional bra fitter, helping women understand what a correct fitting bra looks and feels like.

Tell us about YOU... WHY did you choose to do what you do?: I have trouble shopping for bras, I took from my own experience and created an experience that would serve people like me.

Store Manager, Kateland

What item/service on your menu or in your shop do you just LOVE and think everyone needs?: Everyone needs to have a bra fit party! A customer schedules with 6 or 8 of her girlfriends on a Friday evening. The hostess can bring beverages and have fun! The atmosphere is filled with empowering women!  

In what way have you gone above and beyond in the past for a customer?: One of our website customers from Arkansas googled us and knew exactly what she wanted and ordered off of our website. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock and our vendor would not drop ship it to her. So I ordered and expedited to myself and then over-nighted it directly to her.

What is the coolest thing you have ever had a client do for you?: The other day actually! A new customer's HUSBAND was so thrilled with his wife's new bras that HE send us a cheesecake!

What tool/equipment/or other vendor could you not imagine doing business without?: Besides my stellar store manager Kateland??  Eveden. This is the vendor that has Freya and Eomi. The sales rep for this company flies out to hold my hand, finds products, maximize returns, and even fits customers in other brands while visiting just because it was right for the customer. She is the best business supporter ever.

Staff Favorites!

What other local businesses do you just LOVE? Why?: -Rancho Rustico on Houghton- They have good food, fast service, decent prices and strong margaritas!
-Civano Optical- They have wonderful staff and a good selection of eye wear.

What are you passionate about outside of your business?: My kids. Sleep. Red Wine.

Describe your PERFECT day.: At the Bra Spa? - Busy Saturday, with lots of appointments and fun engaging customers.

Ready to go check them out for yourself!? Call or go online to book your fitting appointment! You won't regret it.  


And Oh Yea! Margo is offering a special gift to you for checking out #TucsonSpotlight! Mention the Fleur de Lea Photography's blog and get 10% off!! Check in with her for more details then come back here and let me know about your experience below!! 

Are you a locally owned business interested in being featured? 

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Comments: 10
  • #1

    Jordyn Mason (Tuesday, 11 July 2017)

    What a cool place & such gorgeous pictures! Love the name. Definitely putting this on my list of places to visit if I'm ever in Tucson.

  • #2

    Amanda (Tuesday, 11 July 2017 16:51)

    Oh my gosh! I have been hearing about this place everywhere! I am definitely stopping in!

  • #3

    Anne (Tuesday, 11 July 2017 17:11)

    WOW! wonderful spotlight post ... love it.

  • #4

    Mary Nieschalk (Tuesday, 11 July 2017 19:53)

    The Bra Spa not only has bras for larger busted women, they have bras for "The Itty, Bitty, Committee", too! Margo and Kateland make bra shopping fun and relaxed! Thanks to the Bra Spa, I no longer have to buy my panties in the little girl's department. I love this store!

  • #5

    Fleur de Lea (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 20:12)

    Excellent point Mary! They are doing a wonderful service and providing sizes for women of every shape and size!

  • #6

    Shannon (Friday, 14 July 2017 09:32)

    This is a great spot light feature! I want to have a bra party!

  • #7

    Mariko (Friday, 14 July 2017 10:08)

    What a cool store. I love the name too. Bra shopping can be stressful, but with a name like The Bra Spa, it sounds like shopping there would be a much less stressful experience.

  • #8

    Angela (Friday, 14 July 2017 10:54)

    Love these, so bright and colorful. What a fun place!

  • #9

    Tina (Friday, 14 July 2017 14:56)

    Beautiful place! I love all the colors!

  • #10

    Sally (Friday, 14 July 2017 20:05)

    Ok, I totally want to go there! Next time I'm in Tucson I will look them up!