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We are believers in...


 We are believers in confidence. We believe in divine self worth. We are believers in happiness. We also believe in a custom portraiture experience that can truly show WHO you are and offer a story to look back on each time you see your beautiful art work on your wall. We believe in loving one another and boosting others up.


We believe in team work, and women lifting women. We believe in a team of women making that happen for you as well. Meet our team of women here>>


In our up and coming Wise Women Project; 50 over 50, we believe in challenging beauty norms. We believe that the matriarch that created this legacy that is your and your kids, deserves to be reminded how truly beautiful, strong and powerful she is. She deserves to be pampered with hair and makeup, and shown how to love herself even more, celebrating her age and the beauty that comes with it. She deserves to celebrate who she is and how far she has come.


With our high school seniors, we believe in creating an experience that emboldens them with confidence, that offers life experiences, and we customize their session in a way that encourages them to let their true selves shine. We believe in laughter and feeling as amazing and we are told we are. 


Our Empowerment Project offers an experience of confidence and empowering words to young girls, about to head into junior high. We believe in self confidence and boosting self image... before the cliques, and before the bullies. We believe in reminding young girls of the wonderment that they truly are and Empowering them with love.


In our Beloved Soulmate Sessions, we believe in connection and rekindling. We believe in finding each other again and finding a way to genuinely focus on one another again, even in the midst of kids, work, school and the long list of “To-dos”. We believe in soulmates. We also know it takes work, and we believe in that too. 


For Families, we believe in fun. We believe in kiss and hugs, and giggles and bubbles... oh boy do we believe in bubbles. We believe in experiences and we believe in showing off those quirky personalities. We believe in happiness and having a good time, and we believe in looking back to remember exactly how that goofy middle child used to act.


In our Beauty Experience, we believe in finding those pieces of you that gets lost with each year you put everyone you love ahead of you, while you put you on the back burner. We believe in helping you re-fuse those pieces of yourself, and remember to love yourself again. Because changing the world of self love for your daughter, begins at home and with you.


We believe in making sure you LOVE what you see on your walls and we believe in creating a luxury, custom experience. We believe in legacy art that lasts for your lifetime, and theirs. We believe in guidance and creation. And having a connection back to the art you see every day.


There are very few certainties in life, but I believe that if I get you in front of my camera, that I will take the most meaningful and emotional fulfilling photos of you, your relationship, your tween, your senior or your family, that you have ever seen yourselves in, and that is my absolutely greatest joy.


Black and white head shot portrait of Tucson business owner and professional photographer Jessica Korff of  Fleur de Lea Photography
Creatively Yours, Jessica Korff | Owner and Photographer


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